Hello My Lovelies

First and Foremost I want to thank you for helping to support our wig community one heart at a time.

My love for wigs first began during the start of the pandemic in 2020. One evening as I was surfing the internet for different hairstyles and colors when I came across wigs. You see, I have a thyroid condition which makes my hair very thin and sensitive. This means dying my hair different colors is pretty much out of the question and so my research on wig wearing began! I watched a lot of videos of different wigs styles, colors, applying wigs and wig maintenance. I then decided to purchase my first wig, but not just any wig…a Blonde Bob!

When I received her, I loved her, but didn’t know how other people would react to her. I started wearing her around the house and then eventually to functions. Family and friends had many opinions about my wig wearing. Some of them thought I was crazy, some thought I had a medical condition and some honestly didn’t even notice. I didn’t care because I liked it. I liked the way it looked, I liked that I could change my hair color and style without damaging my bio hair. I liked the way I felt wearing it: it’s definitely a confidence booster.

At that moment, I decided that I wanted to change the perception of wig wearing. Wearing a wig doesn’t always mean you have a medical condition. Wearing a wig allows you change your style or look; it’s an accessory honey. Here at EllaRae Boutique we want our clients to regain their confidence… to feel beautiful… and to be able to change their style without the commitment.

And it gets better! Here is your chance to Pay it Forward. With every beautiful wig that is purchased from our boutique a percentage of the sale will be donated to an organization that supports women fighting cancer. Now you can feel confident not only wearing your wig, but confident in knowing you are giving back to someone in need.

#BeautifulHairBeautifulHeart ♥