TressAllure | Pixie Lite | Straight Pixie Heat Friendly

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 A Perfect Wig Does Not Need a Lot of Hair 


Product Code: MC1418 

Color Shown: 14/26/R10

Available in Look Fabulous Realistic® Style-Able Synthetic Fiber 

 Lace Front | Mono Top Ear to Ear

Just the right amount of low-density hair that’s amazingly light, comfortable, bold, and stylish. Close-cropped sides, a short, tapered back, and longer layers on top with perfect hand-knotting for an undetectable hair line with complete coverage and volume, but no 
bulk or weight because A Perfect Wig Does Not Need a Lot of Hair! 


Size Average | 21½˝ 
Hair Length | Front 5¾˝ 
Temple | 5˝ 
Top | 7˝ 
Crown | 6˝ 
Nape/Back | 2˝ 
Weight | 2.2 oz. 

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