TressAllure | Sheer Joy | Low Density Layered Bob

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Product Code | MC1410 

Lace Front |Sheer Comfort Mono Top  |  Style-Able Effortless™ Fiber

Color Shown: 14/26/R10


Sheer Joy is a low density silky layered bob with a very slight wave that falls just below the collar, that will part anywhere.

Our Style-Able Effortless™ fiber matches the density of fine Human hair and is double knotted by hand into a soft sheer monofilament

lace mesh top and lace front for a realistic undetectable hairline for all day, every-day comfort.


Our unique Sheer Comfort cap is specially crafted so the hair appears to be growing right out of your scalp and hairline. Hand layering

allows for a low density of hair but full coverage without any bulk or weight usually associated with wigs.

She is for anyone that prefers the versatility of low density of style-able hair that can be brushed full or sleek and parts anywhere. 



Cap Size | Average 21½ 

Hair Length | Overall 3– 7½          

Fringe | 5– 6” 

Crown | 6½– 7½    

Nape |  7½    

Weight | 3.3 oz




TressAllure® Quality Assurance- TressAllure® uses only the finest soft pliable cap materials and our effortless synthetic fiber for a product that will continue to look beautiful after multiple washings. 

Infographic- Sheer Comfort Mono Top Lace Front cap – Technology advanced to be the most comfortable wigs in the world

Infographic – Style-Able Effortless™ Fiber – Feels Like- Looks Like- Wears Like Perfect Salon Cut Hair